[:en]Seymour Hazi: “The prison term hasn’t taken anything from me”[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]My assessment of the charges against me five years ago and the decision of the court have not changed. It was an order from the authorities to silence me,” the journalist Seymour Hazy released from prison early in the morning of August 29 told the journalists who met him.

The five-year prison sentence has not changed anything. All this time he spent “profitably”, playing sports and reading a lot. “These five years could not steal anything from my life, on the contrary, they even added something useful,” said Hazi.

The journalist believes that his arrest is an indicator of the government”s intolerance of criticism.

“The authorities showed that they not only do not tolerate criticism, but are very afraid of it,” he added.

“Even my release scared them. Therefore, they released me at dawn so that my release would not turn into a solemn ceremony,” he said.


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