Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA) activist Elkhan Aliyev re-arrested

tərəfindən Gozetci

PPFA activist Elkhan Aliyev was detained again on Monday on the expiration of his 30-day administrative arrest.

On March 19, he was administratively arrested on charges of insubordination to police and disorderly conduct. PPFA considered his arrest as politically motivated.

Mammad Ibrahim, advisor to the chairman of the PPFA, told Turan that the arrest term expired on April 18. However, as soon as he left the threshold of the detention center in Baku, he was approached by two men in civilian clothes and told that he was wanted. These persons introduced themselves as police officers of the Tovuz region.

“They said that Elkhan Aliyev was wanted for some case and had to go with them to the Tovuz region. However, they did not explain what kind of case”, – continued Ibrahim.

To his thinking, Aliyev is being persecuted for political reasons. At the same time he drew attention to the fact that Aliyev was under arrest for a month and no one was looking for him.  The PPFA believes that a new case against Aliyev is being falsified.

The Interior Ministry press service confirmed Aliyev’s detention, but did not explain what the case was about. “Additional information will be provided to the public,” a press service official said vaguely.


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