One of the charges in the case of Mammad Ibrahim changed

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[:en]One of the charges  in connection with Mammad Ibrahim, the member of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), arrested in connection with the Karabakh action on July 15, was removed, and the other charge was added, said his lawyer Asabali Mustafayev.

According to him,  the Article  278.1 (committing acts aimed at violent seizure of power) of the Criminal Code was removed. Ibrahim was charged under the Article 127.2.1 (causing bodily harm to a person exercising official powers) of the Criminal Code; this Article was added by all the defendants in this case.

Let us note Ibrahim and 17 more PFPA activists, involved in this case, are also charged under Art. 186.2.1 (Destruction and damage of other people’s property), 315 (police resistance), 233 (violation of public order) of the Criminal Code.

On July 14-15, a demonstration was held in Baku in support of the Azerbaijani army in connection with the escalation of the military conflict with Armenia on the border of the two countries. During the action, a group of people broke into the parliament building, after which the police dispersed the action.

About 40 PFPA activists were arrested in the criminal and administrative order within the framework of the criminal case initiated on these events. Another 10 people were released after interrogation.[:]

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