[:en]Police did not allow Musavat activists to hold a picket in front of the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan[:]

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[:en]On July 17 a group of activists of the youth organization of the Musavat Party tried to hold a picket on July 17 in front of the Iranian embassy in Baku. The rally was held in protest against the intention to start joint production of weapons by Iran and Armenia.

However, the police stopped the protesters near the underpass at the station “Icheri Sheher.”

The police began to detain he participants of the rally. The head of the youth organization “Musavat” Elman Guliyev was taken away in an unknown direction.

Razi Amiraslanov, Tofig Yagublu, Aykhan Hajibeyli, Arzuman Bulud, Azim Mammiev, Rahim Yagublu, and Gadir Nagiyev were also detained.

In total, more than 10 people were taken to the Sabail District Police Department.

The resolution of the picket put forward demands to the Iranian government to abandon military cooperation with Armenia, denounce the agreement on joint production of weapons with it, and release Azerbaijani activists persecuted in Iran.

Later, all the detainees were released, except for Guliyev, the head of the youth organization “Musavat”.

The authorities of Azerbaijan have been demanded to express an adequate attitude to these actions.

Baku authorities did not authorize the picket.


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