Political emigrant fears to repeat the fate of the arrested Samir Ashurov

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Activist Samir Ashurov, arrested after readmission from Germany, has been on a hunger strike since April 19.

“Samir has been on hunger strike for the seventh day,” activist Nuran Ashurov’s wife told Turan. According to her, Samir was placed in pre-trial detention center N3 in Shuvalan village. “His  health worries me, it does not give him the opportunity to call home. Samir  suffers from diabetes, has heart problems, he can fall into a coma any time, ”said his wife.

Lawyer Elchin Sadigov confirmed Ashurov’s hunger strike. It was not possible to get a comment from the Prison Service. It should be reminded that Samir Ashurov was expelled from Germany as a readmission on March 29. After 20 days, he was detained and charged under  the Article 126.2.4 (causing grievous bodily harm out of hooligan motives) of the Criminal Code. The court arrested him for 4 months.

Ashurov became the fifth political activist arrested after being expelled from Germany in the past six months. This caused concern among other political emigrants in the FRG.

Thus, Ravil Hasanov, a member of the Popular Front Party, who has been in Germany since 2018, also fears arrest in the event of expulsion. According to him, the German court refused to grant him asylum.

“I can be deported at any moment and I have no doubt that I will be arrested too. In 2019, during the participation of Ilham Aliyev at the Munich Conference, activists Mutallim Orudjev and Samir Ashurov and I held a protest there. Mutallim Orudjev has already been arrested in Azerbaijan,” Hasanov said. Hasanov is an employee of the Internet TV “Azərbaycan Saatı” (“Azerbaijani Hour”).

In 2018, after police officers came to his house, Hasanov decided to emigrate for fear of arrest.


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