Protest action in front of the YAŞAT Foundation

tərəfindən Gozetci

A group of participants of the Second Karabakh War today held a protest action in front of the YAŞAT Foundation.
They claimed that a group of veterans sent to Turkey for treatment are being sent back without being treated.

“Their treatment has not been completed. Why are they being sent back to Azerbaijan? Probably because of the high costs. Let the YAŞAT Foundation fulfill its obligations. Otherwise, we will go to the Presidential administration,” said one of the protesters to the Foundation representative, who approached the participants.

According to the YAŞAT Foundation, 167 veterans have been sent to Turkey for treatment so far.

“Each veteran is sent based on the opinion of a specialist. This is due to the fact that there is no appropriate treatment in Azerbaijan,” the Foundation said.

It should be recognized that 132 out of 167 veterans have already returned on the basis of a medical report.

In the meantime, 35 seriously wounded continue their treatment in Turkey. When specialists decide that the treatment is over, they will be returned for further treatment locally. The Foundation ruled out the possibility of the wounded return without completing treatment.


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