Court of Appeal did not release Aliyev

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The Baku Court of Appeal (BCA) on 14 February completed its consideration of the appeal against the sentence on the leader of the “Citizens and Development” Party Aliyev. The Court of Appeal upheld the 5-month arrest sentence.

Human rights activist Rufat Safarov, who was present at the trial, said that Aliyev called his arrest a political order. Also, he added in court that he was subjected to pressure and threatened with death in custody. Moreover, he was kept in the same cell with recidivists and drug addicts.

Safarov expressed indignation that Aliyev, a teacher and a scientist, was kept together with criminal elements.

As for the threats, “it is not repression but physical terror,” the human rights activist added urging the public and international organizations not to remain indifferent to this.

*On January 13, Aliyev was sentenced by the Yasamal district court of Baku to five months of imprisonment on slander slander. The suit was filed by Emil Jafarov, an officer of the Border Guard Service. The reason for the lawsuit was Aliyev’s interview where he doubted that there could be survivors in the crashed Mi-17 helicopter of the Border Guard Service. Jafarov and another officer, who survived the crash, considered Aliyev’s statement as slander.


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