Razi Gumbatov said about tortures by police

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Razi Hümbətov

Razi Gumbatov, an activist of the Muslim Unity Movement (MUM), currently in custody, said that he was tortured during his six-day detention in the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Head of the NGO “Line of Protection” Rufat Safarov told about it with reference to Gumbatov’s relatives.

According to the human rights activist, Gumbatov confessed to drug charges under physical and psychological pressures.

Besides, Safarov added that during his 16 days in prison, Gumbatov was allowed to call his relatives twice for 1-2 minutes just after his transfer to a pre-trial detention center. And they never allowed him to see his relatives.

Safarov regarded this as a violation of the prisoner’s rights.

According to him, in keeping with the internal rules of place order for forced detention, a suspect has the right to call his relatives immediately after entering the prison.

Besides, after his transfer to a pre-trial detention center, this person should be entitled to call relatives, and then has the right to telephone conversations twice a week for 15 minutes and meet 4 times with his family members or other persons of legitimate interest to him / her a month.

The Interior Ministry denied the information about physical and psychological pressures on Gumbatov as saying that “these allegations are not based on facts and evidence.”

It should be remembered that Gambatov was detained on July 7 in the village of Jeyranbatan.

Just three days later, a lawyer managed to find out that on July 8, the Narimanovskiy regional court chose a preventive measure against him in the form of arrest for a period of 4 months due to Article 234.4.3 (large-scale drug trafficking) of the Criminal Code. Under this Article, he faces a sentence of 12 years of imprisonment.

The MUM links Gumbatov’s arrest with his criticism of the authorities in social networks, as well as his active struggle  against drugs among young people.


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