Rally of Families of Political Prisoners in Front of US Embassy

tərəfindən Gozetci

A group of family members of political prisoners on Tuesday morning tried to hold a protest in front of the US Embassy.

Among the participants of the action were the wife of the editor of the website xeberman.com Polad Aslanov, the wife of the head of Azel.TV Afgan Sadigov, and members of the families of those arrested in the Ganja case. They held portraits of the political prisoners in their hands.

The protesters called on the US Embassy and diplomatic missions of other states, as well as representatives of international organizations to attend the trials of those arrested.

The spouses of Aslanov and Sadigov recalled their husbands’ hunger strike and the health problems of these persons.

The arrived police officers took away banners and photos from the protesters, which provoked the outrage of the protesters.

The US Embassy has not yet commented on the protest action.

According to the Union For Freedom of Political Prisoners of Azerbaijan, there are currently 146 persons arrested for political reasons in the country’s prisons.


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