Emin Sagiyev Continues Hunger Strike for Ten Days

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[:en]Emin Sagiyev, recognized by human rights activists as a political prisoner, continues a hunger strike, announced on August 18, demanding his release.

Turan was informed about this by his wife Aygun Sagiyeva.

According to her, the last time her husband called home was on 26 August.

“He could hardly speak. Emin has kidney problems and heart attacks. He said he would continue the hunger strike until the end,” Sagiyeva said.

Sagiev was arrested in November 2017, and in 2018 sentenced to 7 years on charges of drug trafficking on a large scale.

However, local human rights activists are convinced that Sagiyev was punished for his journalistic activities by his brother-in-law, political emigrant Turkel Azerturk. The latter has been living in Europe for several years. He was an employee of the Internet resource Azerbaijan Saaty, where he sharply criticized the Azerbaijani authorities.

On August 18, Sagiyev went on a hunger strike after the country’s Supreme Court dismissed his appeal against the verdict, the convict’s lawyer Bahruz Bayramov said.

“The Supreme Court dismissed the complaint. Sagiyev did not agree with this and went on a hunger strike in court, ”Bayramov said.

He said that a complaint will be filed with the ECHR against the court’s decision.[:]

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