Representatives of the Ombudsman visited the PFPA activists in the pre-trial detention center

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[:en]A member of the National Preventive Group under the Ombudsman visited the Baku SIZO and the Specialized Medical Institution without notice.

According to the Ombudsman’s office, they met with many of the accused: Fuad Gahramanli, Mammad Ibrahim, Asif Yusifli, Bakhtiyar Imanov, Ayaz Maharramov, Telman Seyfullaev, Seymur Ahmedov, Ismail Hasanov, Jeyhunov Novovorov and Fakhunov Novovat except for Abadov, all PFPA members).

In a specialized medical institution (Tubzona), representatives of the Ombudsman met with Mekhti Ibrahimov (member of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party), Nijat Ibrahim, Nijat Alizadeh, Vugar Veliyev (public activists), Mohammed Imanli (PFPA member).

The meetings with each of the accused were confidential. The arrested did not complain about the treatment and conditions of detention. They were provided with legal advice on the issues raised by them concerning the investigation.

Only Mehdi  Ibrahimov, expressing dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation, said that he would refuse to eat. He also complained about his health condition.

The accused are under medical supervision and receive psychological counseling. Applications addressed to the Ombudsman were accepted. Some issues were resolved on the spot, the report says.


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