MEP Concerned about Reports of Torture of Fuad Gahramanli

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[:en]“There is great concern about the condition of Fuad Gahramanli. He needs full access to his lawyers. #Azerbaijan needs to be fully transparent about its state of health.

I am very concerned about the arrests and reports of torture in #Azerbaijan. The processes must be examined independently internationally. Those responsible must be held accountable.” The chairman of the group of Socialists, Democrats and Greens of PACE, deputy of the German parliament Frank Schwabe wrote about this in his Twitter account.

“There are serious concerns about Fuad Gahramanli’s condition. Azerbaijan should be completely transparent about his health,” he said.

Fuad Gahramanli was detained on July 23 in connection with a demonstration in Baku. A group of protesters entered the Azerbaijani parliament, after which the police dispersed the demonstration of many thousands.

For these events, a criminal case was initiated under Article 186 (deliberate destruction or damage to property), 233 (organization of actions that violate public order), 315 (use of force against a civil servant).

Gahramanli and a number of other activists of the Popular Front Party were also charged under Art. 278 (seizure or forcible retention of power) of the Criminal Code.

A lawyer is not allowed to see Gahramanli after the arrest. Unofficial information about the brutal torture and even his death appeared.

On August 3, Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva denied these reports after visiting Gahramanli in the pre-trial detention center. However, even after that, the lawyer was not allowed to see Gahramanli for 4 days. Only last Thursday, lawyer Bahruz Bayramov was allowed in to see him for a minute and a half. After that Gahramanli refused the services of a lawyer. This only increased the suspicion that physical pressure was exerted on Gahramanli.


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