[:en]Azerbaijan Bar Association Suspended Advocacy License to Adil Ismayilov[:]

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Azerbaijani Bar Association suspended license of Adil Ismayilov, the lawyer, who publicly criticized the Association for corrupt practices and published series of articles about illegal actions of Chief Prosecutor’s office. The official reason for suspension is the complaint of another lawyer Sahil Babayev. Babayev was lawyer of the person who was tortured and illegally arrested, but he didn’t do his job and cooperated with police against his client. Following that, Adil Ismayilov was involved in the case and his defendant was released from prison after Adil Ismayilov provided all evidences that the client was innocent and framed in a murder case, so the police could announce the case closed. The lawyer Adil Ismayilov published details of the case also indicating where his colleague Sahil Babayev served law enforcement against his client.


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