[:en]Khatai District Police Prohibit Activist from Communicating with the Press[:]

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[:en]Natalia Iorina – the hero of the article in Turan “Residents of the Khatai region will picket against inaction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” on Monday was called to the head of the Khatai police department Ilgar Mammadov.

The article is dedicated to the conflict of residents at home: St. Ashig Gurban, 19. Residents of this house are protesting against the construction of a commercial facility in their yard, as it will take over the entire public courtyard. In response to complaints from neighbors, the owner of the facility, entrepreneur Parvana Novruzova and her sons attacked the complainants in November 2018, beat Iorina and other residents of the house. The fight took place in front of the police and under the “Safe City” police surveillance cameras. A criminal complaint has been filed based on a complaint from residents. http://www.contact.az/ext/news/2019/9/free/Want%20to%20Say/ru/83590.htm

“During the meeting, the police chief said that I should not talk to the press about the criminal case. According to him, I was not recognized as a victim, but it turns out that I still (after 10 months) pass the case as a witness,” Iorina said. According to her, a video on which Novruzova and her sons attacked the residents of the house was withdrawn from the case. This video was present in the case at the very beginning of the investigation, and it was shown to Iorina by senior investigator Colonel-Lieutenant Rahman Kerimov.

“Also in the case there is no extract from the hospital about the condition of the beaten citizens, which I handed over to Kerimov, and he confirmed that he received the documents,” Iorina said.

Despite the police demanding to stop informing journalists about the progress of the investigation, Iorina does not intend to do this. She intends to go on a second picket with her neighbors, protesting against police inaction.


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