[:en]Lawyer Complains about Government Not Paying Compensation for Won Cases of ECHR[:]

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[:en]Asabali Mustafayev”s lawyer has not been able to receive compensation established by the European Court of Human Rights for the cases he won for several years now.

“Even in cases where the compensation was paid to the applicants themselves, they didn”t pay me anything, despite the ECHR”s decisions on the payment of lawyer services,” Mustafayev said.

According to him, he never received compensation for two dozen cases. Mustafayev repeatedly appealed to the presidential administration on this issue, but received the answer: “so far there is no order.”

The lawyer also sent a request to the authorized representative of Azerbaijan at the ECHR, Chingiz Askerov, but also did not receive a response.

“If I don”t get an answer next week, I”ll go to court. Maybe I”ll get clarification of the issue there,” Mustafayev said. The lawyer also noted that he would send the relevant requests and appeal to the courts also in connection with the failure to pay compensation to the applicants, whose interests he represented at the ECHR.

It was not possible to get comments in the presidential administration of Azerbaijan.


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