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[:en]Farid Imran, a Kanal 13 Internet television employee, was summoned to the 5th precinct of the Binagadi District Police Department, where he was stationed for 4 hours. As Imran told Turan, he was told that the reason for the call was some kind of complaint against him.

“I prepared material for Kanal 13 and a citizen Peri Guliyeva complained that I allegedly threatened her with death. I do not know this woman at all and indicated this in explanatory. The procedure itself was short, but I was kept in the department for four hours,” Imran said.

According to him, the police demanded the removal of the post, which he wrote before going to the police station.

“I wrote that I was called to the police station, and it is possible that they will find some illegal objects with me. I said that I would not remove the status and complain to the court of my detention within a few hours at the police station,” Imran said.

It was not possible to get comments at the 5th precinct of the Binagadi police.


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