[:en]Six cases on disorders in the city of Ganja sent to courts[:]

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[:en]Six of the riots in this city in July 2018 were sent to the Ganja Court of Grave Crimes.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General”s Office, 51 people are involved in these cases. In total, according to the riots in Ganja, 59 people were brought to the investigation and arrested, one was put on the wanted list.

In the case of the attempted assassination of the ex-head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev, 29 people were detained and accused of “attempting a terrorist act, forcibly changing the constitutional order and committing other serious crimes”.

Eleven more people are at the international want list, said in a statement.

On July 3, 2018, a resident of Ganja, Yunis Safarov, tried to shoot Elmar Veliyev. The mayor was injured, but survived. The attacker was detained. The reason for this act was the behavior of Veliyev, who constantly insulted and humiliated the inhabitants of the city.

A week later, residents of the city gathered for a rally, demanding the resignation of the mayor and the release of Safarov. During clashes with the police, two high-ranking Ganja police officers were killed.


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