ECHR Recognizes Violation of NIDA Activists’ Rights

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) announced on February 18 decisions on several complaints from Azerbaijan.

In particular, the Court satisfied the complaints of NIDA activists – Mammad Azizov and Shahin Novruzlu, who were arrested in March 2013 on charges of preparing mass riots.

As the lawyer Khalid Agaliyev told Turan, the ECHR recognized the violation of the rights of Azizov and Novruzlu under Art. 5 (right to liberty and security of person) and 18 (Limits on the use of restrictions on rights) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Strasbourg court ruled to pay Azizov compensation of 20 thousand euros for moral damage and another 1,500 euros for legal costs.

Novruzlu was also awarded compensation of 20 thousand euros and 2,000 euros for legal costs. Their complaint was related to the illegality of the pre-trial arrest.

Azizov and Novruzlu were sentenced to 7.5 and 6 years in prison. They also lodged a complaint on the merits of the criminal case and the sentence.

The ECHR also announced a decision in the case “Fatma Ganieva and Others v. Azerbaijan”. In this case, the court found a violation of the property rights of 18 applicants, who appealed against the seizure of their summer cottages in the Sabunchi district of Baku.

Each of them will receive 10 thousand euros as compensation for moral damage and 3 thousand euros for moral damage.

The ECtHR also ruled to pay compensation of 5,350 euros to Ilgar Feyzov for being held in custody without a court order for a period longer than provided for by law. In this case, the court found a violation of Article 5 – the right to liberty and security of the European Convention.


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