Prosecutor General’s Office: No Criminal Case against Ali Karimli

tərəfindən Gozetci

The leader of the Popular Front Party, Ali Karimli, said on his Facebook page that a lawsuit has been filed against him on charges of tax evasion. On this basis, they want to arrest him.

On Thursday, the press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday denied the allegation of initiating a case against Karimli.

According to Karimli, they want to accuse him of large-scale tax evasion, which is “ridiculous.” The authorities want to use the basis for such accusations that my friend Saleh Rustamli sent me 500-600 dollars several times.

Karimli believes that the reason for such “absurd” accusations is his irreconcilable position and criticism of government policy.

In particular, Karimli’s statements that the authorities violated the country’s sovereignty by allowing Russian peacekeepers into Azerbaijan and turning a blind eye to their actions in Karabakh.

He also noted that in the past two days, several PFPA activists have been summoned for questioning to the prosecutor’s office.


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