Polad Aslanov stopped the hunger strike at doctors’ insistence

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On the 20th day Polad Aslanov stopped his hunger strike after insistent recommendations of doctors, his wife Gulmira Aslanova told Turan on January 25.

Today she received a phone call from the head of the penitentiary service medical institution, Mail Mammadov who informed her that the hunger strike had been discontinued. Aslanov himself later called back to confirm the end of the hunger strike. According to him, the blood tests were very bad.

“Doctors said that if the hunger strike continues, Polad could develop bone disease and he would be disabled for life,” Aslanova said.

* xeberman.com editor Polad Aslanov was sentenced Nov. 16, 2019, to 16 years of imprisonment on charges of treason in favor of Iran. Reporters Without Borders and other human rights groups called on Azerbaijani authorities to release Polad Aslanov.

On January 6, he began a hunger strike, demanding a review of his case and an expedited consideration of his appeal in the Supreme Court.

On the 9th day of the hunger strike, the Supreme Court scheduled a hearing of Aslanov’s complaint for February 3.

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