Scandalous Law “On the Media” passed

tərəfindən Gozetci

On December 30, the Milli Majlis at the plenary session adopted in the third reading the scandalous draft Law “On the Media”.

The deputies took into no account the protests and demands of numerous journalists and media outlets to make the necessary changes.

At the same time, some insignificant supplements were made that had no effect on the general nature of the document. In particular, Article 13 was amended to say that media outlets must make a reference when using information from news agencies.

Article 14 was supplemented as saying that the facts should be commented objectively and that there should not be a one-sided approach.

Finally, it was added in Article 30 that “those broadcasting audiovisual programs over the Internet may obtain a license of platform broadcaster by applying in person.

In other words, nothing in principle has changed. The Law will drastically limit the rights of journalists and users of social networks, Practically any publication of a video or opinion can be interpreted as violation of the Law, as well as the expression of a personal opinion.


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