The trial in the case of the PFPA activist

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Today, the Khazar District Court of Baku considered the appeal of the activist of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) Agil Maharramli in connection with bringing the punishment assigned to him in line with the law and mitigating it.

According to the PFPA, during the meeting chaired by judge Tarlan Akperov, Maharramli joined the trial online from jail N2.

During the meeting, Maharramli called the charges brought against him under the Article 192 (illegal business) and 193-1 (legalization of proceeds from crime) of the Criminal Code.

“I was sentenced though I did not commit any crime,” Maharramli said. He noted that he was only delivering funds sent to families for political prisoners.

“They sent me and I delivered. I have not received a single manat of income from these funds. There is no corpus delicti in my actions,” Maharramli said. He asked the court to apply to him amendments to the legislation, and to release him on parole, after serving 2/3 of the sentence.

However, the prosecutor opposed the granting of the petition and asked to keep the verdict unchanged.

The court decided to announce the verdict a week later.

Agyl Maharramli was arrested in May 2018 and sentenced to 4 years in prison in the so-called case of “illegal financing of the Popular Front Party.”


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