Arrested son of opposition leader and member of ruling party went on hunger strike

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[:en]Mehdi Ibrahimov, the son of a member of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party Mamed Ibrahim, began a hunger strike in a pre-trial detention center on August 12, said his  family  members.

Mehdi Ibrahimov was arrested for three months on charges of spreading corona virus infection. The talk is about  participation in a demonstration in Baku on July 14-15.

It is noteworthy that he is a member of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, and his father, Mamed Ibrahim, is an activist of the opposition party.

The father claims that his son was arrested for his opposition activities.

“My son is a physical education teacher. He is a member of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP). Mehdi was detained in connection with a march in support of the army on May 14-15. He participated in the procession to support the state and was among those who were on the Alley. However, Mehdi stood at a great distance from the  demonstrators who gathered in front of the parliament. When the group of people entered the parliament, Mehdi was near the funicular station, that is, about 300 meters from the parliament.


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