The Prosecutor General’s Office Investigation Directorate Received Protesters

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[:en]Parents of the arrested ,  participants of the action in connection with the Karabakh rally on July 14-15, were received at the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Participants of the action told Turan that they were not yet able to provide us with any information, since an investigation is underway.

“If someone’s guilt is proven in court, he will be punished, the innocent will be released. They didn’t say anything concrete, ”the participant of the action noted.

Action of Parents of “Karabakh Prisoners”

Baku / 10.08.20 / Turan: The parents of those arrested in connection with the “Karabakh action” on July 14-15 tried to hold a protest rally in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office today.

The parents demanded to explain why their children were arrested, and above all those who did not participate in the action at all. For example, PFPA member Bakhtiyar Imanov was not at the rally at all, but he was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code.

The parents suggested that instead of their son, they should be arrested themselves. They also complained that the arrested were not allowed to talk to their families on the phone.

A parent of one of those arrested said that his son was being held in an isolation ward where TB patients were kept. This is explained by the fact that the arrested person is sick with coronavirus.

“If my son is sick, then all members of our family must also be sick, but this is not the case,” said the father of the arrested man.

A representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office who came to the parents told them that they would be received today by the head of the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Nemat Avazov.

The action ended without incident.


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