[:en]The activist’s relatives state about his beating in the Binanady detention center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs[:]

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[:en]Public activist Fuad Ismayilov was beaten at the Binagadi detention center for persons arrested in an administrative order, said his family. According to them, Ismayilov, detained since May 22, called once a week. However, the last time 10 days passed, but there was no call from him. On June 23, the activist’s worried mother called the Binagadi station herself. After that, Ismayilov was allowed to call home. “Fuad said that on the night on Monday he was badly beaten until the morning. His mouth and nose were bleeding.  The conversation was short. The only thing that Fuad managed to say was the need for an urgent visit by his lawyer,” said Ismayilov’s family. The mother of the activist turned to the Ombudsman. Ismayilov’s lawyer Javad Javadov said he would be able to comment on the situation after visiting Ismayilov.

The head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ehsan Zahidov, said that not only Ismayilov, but no one was subjected to physical pressure and inhuman treatment at the detention center. On May 22, the public activist Fuad Ismayilov by a decision of the Surakhani district court was arrested in administrative order for 2 months. He is found guilty under the Article 206 (illegal use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, manufacture, purchase, storage, transportation or shipment not for marketing purposes in an amount necessary for personal consumption) of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO). Fuad Ismayilov became famous for exposing the fraud in the early parliamentary elections on February 9th.

As a member with an advisory vote of the precinct election commission in the 32nd Surakhani third constituency, he posted a video of the violations at the precinct. At the same time, police officers removed him from the site with violence.

After the election, he wrote on the wall of the building opposite the CEC “Fu, Mazi!” expressing a protest against the head of the CEC, Mazahir Panahov, for refusing to consider complaints of fraud during the election. He was detained on March 7 and subjected to a two-month administrative arrest on drug charges.


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