[:en]Journalists are not allowed to open trials[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]Despite the relaxation of the quarantine regime and the resumption of the courts, journalists are not allowed to attend the trials. Court workers motivate this by the need to maintain social distance.

However, even the minimum number of journalists is not allowed into the proceedings, which violates the principle of publicity of the judicial investigation.

In particular, journalists were not allowed to attend the trial in the case of the Popular Front Party activist Pasha Umudov in the Narimanov District Court, the journalist Polad Aslanov in the Baku Serious Crimes Court, the activist Rustam Ismailbeyli and others.

The press service of the Justice Ministry refrained from commenting, citing the fact that the organization of the work of the courts is not within the competence of the department.

The Ministry of Justice recommended that comments be sent to the “judge-speakers”, who, as it turned out, are present in all courts.


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