[:en]Journalists beaten up for rallies of supporters of Mubariz Mansimov[:]

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[:en]At noon on March 18 a group of supporters of businessman Mubariz Mansimov arrested in Turkey held a rally in front of the Turkish Embassy in Baku. They demanded to release of Mansimov, but were dispersed by the police. At the same time, the journalists also got a lot. Even those who were wearing yellow journalist vests were subjected to violence.

In particular, the photo-video operator of the Azadlig radio, Ramin Deco, was beaten and his mobile phone was taken away, with which he shot an action.

“In the beginning, the police behaved calmly, but after a few minutes they were given a command and they rushed to the journalists and began to beat. My phone was taken away and smashed on the asphalt. Himself thrown to the ground and began to stomp and beat. My arm and leg are damaged, and there are bruises on my face,” the journalist said.

Freelancer Tabriz Mirzoyev confirmed what was said, noting that at least 10 journalists had suffered. They were all in yellow vests and with press cards.

“We were brutally beaten by breaking cameras. After we left and got into the car, the police opened the doors and began to beat and insult us inside the car. We intend to file a complaint with the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” he told Turan.

In turn, the head of the Baku police press service, Elshad Hajiyev, said he would comment on what happened after the “investigation.”


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