[:en]Baku authorities offer Musavat to hold rally in the village of Lokbatan[:]

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[:en]The executive branch of Baku responded to the notification of the Musavat party of its intention to hold a rally on November 10.

The city administration suggested that Musavat hold an action at the training and sports base of the Neftchi club in the village of Lokbatan, said the head of Musavat Arif Hajili.

According to him, the party proposed to hold a rally either at the Mehsul stadium, or in the square in front of the Tofig Bahramov Republican Stadium, or in front of the Darnagul metro station.

The action was planned under the slogan “Freedom for political prisoners!”, “Ensure freedom of assembly!”, “Create equal conditions for political competition!”, “Free Karabakh!”, “End to monopolies!”, etc.

However, the executive branch of Baku considered it “inexpedient” to hold a rally in these places.

“Baku’s executive authorities said that repairs are underway at the Mehsul stadium, and other places proposed by the party relate to the protected area in the metro area and mass events are prohibited there, according to the Law on Freedom of Assembly,” Hajili said.

He said that Musavat refuses to go to the village of Lokbatan, and made a decision to hold a picket in front of the Baku Executive Power on November 12.

“The executive power of Baku has no right to change the place and time of the action. We sent a new notice to the Baku Executive Power about the intention to hold a picket in front of its building on November 12,” Hajili said.


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