Afgan Sadigov’s Condition Remains Grave

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Əfqan Sadıqov

The head of the website Afgan Sadigov, who refuses to eat for the 93rd day, is in serious condition, said his wife Sevinj Sadigova. On February 3, she met her husband at the Medical Institution of the Penitentiary Service.

“Afgan’s condition remains grave. He was brought to the meeting in a wheelchair. His hands were shaking violently. The pressure is very low. He is forcibly fed through a tube inserted through the mouth, which causes severe pain. Doctors say eating this way for a long time can be deadly. At the same time, he is given droppers.

Afgan refuses to eat because he has no other choice to protest against the unfair sentence. He said he will fight to the end,” Sadigova told Turan.

According to her, appeals to various authorities, including the Ombudsman, was in vain.

* Head of Azel. TV Afgan Sadigov was arrested on charges of extortion through threats in May this year. On November 3, the court sentenced him to seven years in prison. Since November 4, he went on a hunger strike in protest, considering the sentence unfair. On January 28, the appellate court reduced the sentence to 6 years in prison.

Local human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner.


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