[:en]Protesters in Support of Army Accused of Spreading Coronavirus (UPDATED)[:]

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[:en]Protesters in Support of Army Accused of Spreading Coronavirus

A criminal case was initiated against the son of a member of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party Mammad Ibrahim – Mehdi Ibrahimov under Article 139-1.1 (violation of the quarantine regime, which caused the spread of the disease) of the Criminal Code.

M. Ibrahim told Turan about this. According to the oppositionist, his son is a physical education teacher and a member of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party. He was detained in connection with the rally on May 14-15 in support of the army.

According to his father, Mehdi participated in the march in support of the army, but was among those who entered the parliament building.

“But he was standing aside, near the station entrance. He was detained on July 15 in the morning, when the people were leaving, and taken to the 37th station of the Khatai district police.

For two days I did not go to the police, believing that he was a member of the ruling party, and the rally was in support of the state. On the third day, I learned that out of 119 detained people, 101 were released, and Mehdi was left in the police because he is my son. He was interrogated by the investigator, who asked questions about me. He was told: what kind of a member of the NAP are you, while your father is a member of the Popular Front Party? ”

On July 21, I learned that a criminal case was initiated against my son under Art. 139-1.1. Allegedly, being infected with the coronavirus and being quarantined, he violated obligations and went to the action, although Mehdi is not sick and no one took him to quarantine.

If he was in quarantine, how was he given SMS permission to leave the house on July 14 and the previous days? Why was he kept by the police among others? It is impossible to be falsifiers to such an extent,” M. Ibrahim noted.

Within 7 days, the police looked through all the videos, interviewed all witnesses and did not find any evidence of Mehdi’s presence among the protesters who broke into parliament and did other illegal actions, Ibrahim added.

As reported in the PFPA, a member of this party, Muhammad Imanli, who was detained on July 15, is also charged under Art. 139-1.1 and held in the Sabunchu police.

This article provides for punishment in the form of a fine from 2,500 to 5,000 manats, or restriction of liberty for up to three years, or imprisonment for up to three years.


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