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[:en]Interior Ministry spokesman Ehsan Zahidov told Turan that Sayid Mammadzade is accused of stabbing a citizen in his car wash.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mammadzade was previously convicted of kidnapping, and the second time – for robbery.

Now he is charged under  the Article 221.3 hooliganism; by court order he was arrested for three months.

In turn, the Popular Front Party announced the falsification of the criminal case and the political motives for the persecution of Mammadzade. He was one of the bodyguards of the PFPA leader Ali Karimli at public events, which is the reason for his persecution.

PFPA activist is accused of stabbing

Baku/19.05.20/Turan: Seyid Mammadzade, a member of the Popular Front party detained a few days ago, is accused of stabbing him. An employee of the Khatai police of Baku informed his mother about this.

The mother was not informed who and where Seyid wounded with a knife.

The activist was detained on May 16, on the street, when he was taking his child to the doctor.

According to party colleagues, the real reason for the arrest is an active criticism of the authorities’ policies on social networks.


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