[:en]Tazahan Miralamli, employee of the Azadlig newspaper detained[:]

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[:en]An employee of the Azadlig newspaper, a member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), Tazahan Miralamli, was detained today while leaving the house of the leader of this opposition organization Ali Kerimli, reported  the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party Seymour Hazy. According to him, Miralamli came to Kerimli to interview him and when he left his house, he was detained by people in civilian clothes. Miralamli became the third member of the PFPA arrested on April 17. “The detention of Miralamli once again confirms that the authorities have a special plan to block Ali Kerimli. Most of the activists arrested in recent days were people who were in contact with him. A volunteer bodyguard Niyameddin Ahmedov was tracked and detained after he left Kerimli. According to the same scenario, Ruslan Amirov was arrested. Islam Islamzade, who was arrested today, went to Kerimli to take the modem to him. Tazahan Miralamli came to Kerimli to interview. The authorities want to isolate completely Ali Karimli from the outside world – not only to deny access to the Internet, telephone communications, but also to cut off physical contacts. The authorities want to limit the actions of the party and its chair. PFPA will not back down and calls on the authorities to respect and abide by the laws,” said Hazi. He noted that today, an activist of the Absheron district organization of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Vugar Abilly, was arrested for 20 days on charges of not subordinating the police.


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