[:en]Investigation of attempt on head of executive power of Ganja completed[:]

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[:en]The Prosecutor General’s Office completed an investigation into the criminal case of a “terrorist attack” against the head of the executive branch of the city of Ganja and a police officer . On July 3, 2018 “Yunis Safarov as part of a radical religious group controlled from abroad committed an attack”, the press service of the Prosecutor General.

The prosecutor’s office claims that the attack was aimed at forcibly changing the constitutional system in the country and creating a Sharia state in Azerbaijan.

The investigation was completed on December 5 and the case against 12 members of an organized criminal group, including Safarov, was sent to the Serious Crimes Court. Another 11 people were put on the international wanted list, the statement said.

*On July 3, 2018, the 35-year-old resident of Ganja, Yunis Safarov, shot at the head of the city administration Elmar Veliyev and his guard. He was detained.

On July 10, several hundred residents gathered outside the city administration building in Ganja, expressing support for Safarov and condemning the head of the city for systematic insults to the city’s residents.

The rally was dispersed by the police, and two police officers were killed. After that, more than 60 people were arrested. Many of them have already been convicted. Five more were killed while trying to detain.


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