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[:en]The Baku Court of Appeal on Monday changed the decision of the court of first instance in respect of the journalist Sevinj Vagif gizi and decided to subject her to a fine of 1,000 manat.

The judiciary, chaired by Etibar Nabiyev, considered that the journalist had distributed a video that offended the honor and dignity of the Deputy Director of school number 251 Elmira Alandarova, reported lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova.

The defense does not agree with the court decision and intends to file a cassation appeal with the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan.

Alandarova filed a lawsuit against Vagifgyzy, demanding an apology, monetary compensation of 2,500 manat and removal from the network of a video about the presidential election on April 11, 2018.

The plaintiff’s claims were triggered by a story about voting at three polling stations in school number 251, published by Meydan TV online resource under the title: “ELECTIONS 2018:“ Deputy Director, who controls the “carousel” in the elections.” The plot shows how Alandarova sends groups of teachers at school on election day.

On August 5, the Binagadi court partially upheld the lawsuit, requiring the journalist to change the headline. The  court did not fine the journalist


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