[:en]Protest rally in front of a military unit in Barda[:]

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[:en]Relatives of the killed and arrested soldiers in the “Terter case” held a protest rally in front of the military unit of the Ministry of Defense in the city of Barda today. Protesters dressed in shirts with images of those killed and arrested.

The protesters demanded the rehabilitation of the dead, a review of their cases and the release of the convicts.

“I am raising two future soldiers, what will I tell them? They already say that they themselves will find the murderers of their father. We demand a fair investigation,” said one of the protesters.

Participants consider guilty of the death of their loved ones the unit commander Hikmet Hasanov.

The demonstrators demanded the removal of all guilty officials from office and criminal prosecution.

An officer came out to the protesters, promising that they would be received by the unit commander. However, protesters said they did not believe these promises.

Police forces were brought to the venue. Some of the protesters did not feel. After that, the protesters dispersed.

*On May 7, 2017, the Prosecutor General”s Office, the State Security Service, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a joint statement, announcing that the detained group of military personnel and civilians were guilty of espionage in favor of Armenia.

On May 3, the military prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan filed a lawsuit under the Article 274 (high treason) of the Criminal Code. A joint investigation team was created from among the employees of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies.

The detainees were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. However, it soon became known that during the investigation at least eight suspects were killed as a result of torture. Later, during the investigation, the four killed were acquitted, and the investigators who fabricated the charges against them were sentenced to seven years of imprisonemnt.


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