[:en]The school director did not allow calling an ambulance – a nurse in court on the death of a pupil[:]

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[:en]On September 27, hearings of witnesses continued at the trial of the death of a student of school number 162 of Baku Elina Hajiyeva.

On April 4, 2019, a student of the school, Elina Hajiyeva, jumped out of the third floor of the school. Baku City Prosecutor Office filed a lawsuit under the Article 125 (bringing to suicide) of the Criminal Code.

Subsequently, the director of the school, Seven Abbas ova, was brought to justice. She was charged under Articles 143 (leaving in danger) and 314.2 (negligence resulting in the death of the victim) of the Criminal Code. However, no one was held accountable, under article 125 (suicide).

At the trial on September 27, nurse Leman Noriega was questioned. She said that on April 4 she was summoned to the principal”s office.

“When I arrived, Elina was on the sofa. I measured the pressure – it was 70 to 60. I asked to call an ambulance. The principal”s deputy and teachers were silent, not giving any importance to this. After 15-20 minutes, the pressure dropped to 60 by 50, the body began to cool. I suspected that this was due to internal hemorrhage and reiterated the need to call an ambulance. But the principal told me to leave the room, adding that they would call the doctors themselves,” said the witness.

Later, she was again summoned to the principal”s office. “There were already police officers and Khalida Bayramova (deputy head of the Executive branch of the Sabail region). I measured the pressure again, it was again low. An ambulance arrived in 5-10 minutes, the nurse said.

According to her, Elina was conscious, but said she did not feel anything. “I was told that Elina took the medicine. She herself said that she took Ketatphen, but she does not remember how much. The director did not allow me to call an ambulance,” Nurieva further noted.

Another witness, Elina’s friend Ramin, said that he met Elina on the Instagram social network and were friends from December to February. “Elina said she was tortured at school. Elina complained that she had informed the school principal and her deputy about this, but they did not take any measures,” the teenager said.

The trial will continue on October 2.


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