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[:en]On Thursday, September 19, the trial in the case of the death of an 8th grade student of school number 162 Elina Hajiyeva was continued at the Sabail district court of Baku.

On April 4, 2019 a student of the school number 162, born 2004 Elina Hajiyeva, jumped from the third floor of the school. A criminal case was filed under Art. 125 (bringing to suicide) of the Criminal Code.

Subsequently, the director of the school, Sevinj Abbasova, was brought to justice in the case. She is charged under Art. 143 (leaving a person in danger) and 314.2 (negligence resulting in the death of the victim) of the Criminal Code. However, under article 125 (bringing to suicide), no one has been held accountable.

On Thursday, witness hearings were continued at the trial.

Kenul Agayeva, a psychologist who works at the school, said she had occupied this position 5 months before the tragic accident. Before that, there was no psychologist at the school for about a year and a half.

“The previous psychologist passed away. When I started to work, it turned out that there were no documents on the psychological state of the children, although they should have been present. I didn”t even have an office. Every time I raised this question to the director, and she answered me, saying “do not ask me for a room.” I had to communicate with the children either in the canteen, or in the library, or in some room of the school,” the witness said.

She also said she had several conversations with Elina. “Elina dyed her hair … When she once tried to cut her throat, she told me she wanted to return to school number 203, as she missed those children. I saw her condition and I told the director that Elina”s desire should be fulfilled, since she could again attempt suicide,” continued Agayeva. According to her, at school number 203 they refused to accept Elina back.

“During the period of study at our school, she began to study poorly, her knowledge level fell and therefore she was refused to be accepted at that school. I accidentally found out that Elina cut her throat and told the director that she should contact the police. But she began to hesitate,” Agayeva noted.

According to the psychologist, she spoke about the problems to the director, but she did not take action. “I told the director that Elina needed not a psychologist, but a psychiatrist,” the witness continued. According to her, the principal did not allow her to directly contact Elina’s parents.

Further, Elina’s classmates were interrogated as witnesses. They said that on the day of the incident, Elina was late for school. She felt bad. Elina opened the cell phone case and broke a SIM card. At the break, she went out into the corridor and went up to the third floor despite the fact that the class teacher forbade her to go there.

The witnesses also said Elina was oppressed by both students of this school and outside children who came there. Despite Elina’s appeal to the deputy director, her complaints were not considered.

“When other children complained, their complaints were investigated. However, Elina’s complaints were not considered. Because Elina”s mother went to the police, and the school didn”t want it,” one of the witnesses said.

The school teacher Raisa Abdurahmanova said Elina took pills in her lesson. “I did not see it. Only when watching videos from surveillance cameras, I saw that Elina took 16 tablets,” the witness said.

The trial will continue on September 25.


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