An attempt on the life of the blogger Mohammed Mirzali in France

tərəfindən Gozetci

Məhəmməd Mirzəli

On March 14, an attempt was made on the life of a blogger and political emigrant from Azerbaijan Mohammed Mirzali in France. As it became known to Turan from sources in the Azerbaijani diaspora, the unknown stabbed him  and escaped.

The blogger was hospitalized in serious condition. The police are investigating.

Mirzali is known for publishing harshly critical reports about the Azerbaijani authorities on social networks for several years. The authorities tried many times to shut him up, but failed. So, three years ago, his father was kidnapped, a week ago, a video about his sister’s personal life was circulated. Mirzali claims that he was required to stop criticizing, otherwise the video will be circulated.

In October 2020, Mirzaali announced an attempt on his life, as well as SMS threats from one of the high-ranking representatives of the Azerbaijani parliament. To all these threats, he said that he would not stop criticizing the country’s authorities.


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