Amendments to the law “On political parties” were adopted in the first reading

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On 24 December, the Milli Mejlis adopted in the first reading amendments to the law “On Political Parties”.

The changes concern the procedure for financing parties.

According to the current wording, 10 percent allocated to parties from the state budget is proportionally distributed among organizations that do not have any MPs in parliament, but their representatives won at least 3 percent of valid votes in the elections to the Milli Majlis.

The new edition proposes to reduce the amount of funds for these purposes from 10 to 5 percent.

The remaining five percent will be allocated to finance parties that receive representation in the Milli Mejlis due to their victory in new or by-elections.

In addition, according to the amendments, in cases of refusal of financial support by political organizations, these funds will not be returned to the state budget, but will be distributed equally at the end of the fourth quarter among the parties represented in parliament.


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