The action of the relatives of the defendants in the “Terter case”

tərəfindən Gozetci

Family members of the convicted in the “Terter case” and those who died during the investigation, tried to hold another protest rally in front of the presidential administration today. They demand the release on exculpatory grounds of the convicted and the posthumous rehabilitation of those killed during the investigation, granting them the status of “Martyr”, as well as punishment of those responsible.

The police and plainclothes did not allow them to enter the administration building. Later, the two protesters were allowed into the reception area. After that, the protesters were asked to go to the Supreme Court.

The protesters claim that their children fought in the April 2016 battles, and were even awarded. A year later, they were suddenly arrested and accused of treason. At the same time, the prisoners were brutally tortured.

* On May 7, 2017, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Security Service, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan announced the arrest of a group of military personnel and civilians for espionage for the special services of Armenia.

The prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit under the Article 274 (high treason) of the Criminal Code. The detainees were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. However, it soon became known that during the investigation at least eight suspects were killed as a result of torture. Later, four of those killed were acquitted, and the investigators who fabricated charges against them received up to 7 years in prison.


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