Parents of martyrs were promised that the issue of reburial would be resolved in a week

tərəfindən Gozetci

The issue of the reburial of 17 victims of the second Karabakh war will be resolved by February 3, the Executive Power of the Yasamal region told the protesting relatives of the martyrs.

“We were at a reception at the Executive Power of the Yasamal region, conveyed our demands to reburial our children either on the Second Alley of Martyrs, or in a park in the Yasamal region. We were told that they would answer us within a week,” said one of the protesters.

The parents said that if the issue is not resolved within a week, they themselves will reburial their children in other places.

T parents of the victims have been blocking the city’s highways for three days, demanding the fulfillment of their conditions. They are unhappy with the cemetery where their children were buried, considering it discrimination and disrespect.

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