As a result of shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces, 10 Azerbaijani civilians were killed, 30 wounded – Foreign Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office

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During three days of fighting on September 27-29, as a result of artillery strikes by the Armenian army on Azerbaijani settlements, 10 people were killed and another 30 were wounded, reads the joint statement by the press services of the Foreign Ministry and the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan.

In particular, the settlements of Terter, Agdam and Jabrayil, Goranboy, Naftalan and Dashkesan regions were subjected to shelling.

Armenia, grossly violating the norms and principles of international law, including the 1949 Geneva Convention and its Additional Protocols, purposefully fired at the civilian population and infrastructure, committing crimes against civilians.

On September 29, 10 civilians have been killed, and another 30 were wounded. Among those killed were two children aged 13 and 14.

In particular, 5 members of one family were killed in the Gashalty-Garagoyunlu village near the city of Naftalan. A resident of the village of Gurbanov,  Elbur Isa oglu and 4 members of his family, including his two children, were killed.

Because of the shelling, a resident of the village of Evoglu, Aghdam region, Pashayev Joshgun Enver oglu, a resident of Terter Aliyev Mehman Sovet oglu, residents of the Shikharh village of the Terter region, the brothers Abbasov Halig Asif oglu and Abbasov Elshan Asif oglu were also killed.

Lawsuits have been filed on all these facts of death and injury under  the Article 100.2 (waging an aggressive war), 120.2.1 (premeditated murder by a criminal community-organization), 120.2.4 (premeditated murder by special cruelty or in a generally dangerous way), 120.2.12 (premeditated murder motivated by ethnic, racial, religious hatred or enmity), 29, 120.2.7 (attempted murder of two or more persons) and under other articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

The Foreign Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s Office called on the international community to condemn Armenia’s new aggression, shelling of civilians and infrastructure, and to demand that Yerevan comply with the norms of international humanitarian law.


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