[:en]Aghil Humbatov Released from Mental Hospital[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]Member of the Popular Front Party, Aghil Humbatov, was released from a psychiatric hospital in the village of Mashtaga, where he spent three months, on July 1.

As Humbatov himself told Turan, he was kept in the mental hospital unreasonably. Upon release, he was only given a paper on discharge without a medical certificate.

The lawyer has already filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court and a statement to the ECHR on the unjustified non-issuance of a decision of the court of appeal.

The Humbatov case caused a great resonance in Azerbaijan and abroad. Human rights activists saw in this case the reanimation of the harmful Soviet practice of imprisoning dissidents in a psychiatric hospital. Local human rights activists recognized Humbatov as a political prisoner, and Amnesty International launched a campaign in his defense.

Recall that the activist who makes a living by collecting cardboard in a video appeal criticized the government, including the President, for the socio-economic situation of the country’s citizens.


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