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[:en]Sumgayit city court today sentenced public activist Javid Mammadzade to 10 days of administrative arrest. He is found guilty under the Article 535.1 (non-subordination to the police) and 211.1 (violation of the quarantine regime) of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO),  according to his brother Bahruz Mammadzade.

Her said that on June 26, Mammadzade was summoned to the 1st branch of the Sumgait city police department.

They demanded that he stop publishing on social networks about Mamedamin Rasulzade (one of the founders of the Azerbaijan People’s Republic) and make a written commitment to this.

Bahruz refused, and police officers exerted physical pressure on the young man.

Today he was taken to court, which decided to arrest the activist for 10 days.

B. Mammadzadeh believes that the true reason for the arrest of his brother was the wearing of a protective mask with the image of Rasulzadeh.

“For several days my brother wore such a mask. He even wrote on his facebook profile, “If the police force me to wear a mask, then I will force them to look at Rasulzade. One day the truth will triumph.” In addition, he protested against the “show” with “chanting” from the balconies of the police,” B. Mammadzade said.

The head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ehsan Zahidov denied allegations that the activist was detained for wearing a mask with an image of Rasulzade.

“It is not true. On the other hand, attaching to a tissue full of microbes a photo of Rasulzade, is disrespect for the historical person. For, in accordance with hygiene rules, the mask is to be thrown into the trash bin after a few hours. Is this respect for Rasulzade?” said Zahidov.

According to him, Mammadzadeh was arrested for wrongdoing.

“When Mamedzade walked along the street, police stopped him to check if he has permission to leave the house. It turned out that an hour and a half had already passed after the expiration of his arrest. When the police made a remark to him, this person tried, ignoring them, to leave. When he was called to stop, he did not obey. Therefore, he was detained and the collected materials were sent to give a legal assessment to the court,” Zahidov said.

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