[:en]Lawyer of the beaten Yasamal residents has been warned[:]

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[:en]The Presidium of the Bar Association issued a warning to lawyer Javad Javadov, the board said.

The reason is the dissemination of information about Kerim Suleymanli, detained on June 7 in the Yeni Yasamal housing estate.

“Karim Suleimanli was detained on the basis of the relevant article of the Code on Administrative Offenses, and then released. Lawyer Javad Javadov, based on an agreement, provides legal assistance to Suleymanli.

On June 9, Javad Javadov was like a journalist interviewing Suleimanli and disseminating the information on social networks, thereby contributing to the formation of an erroneous opinion among the general public,” the Bar Association believes.

Javadov’s actions contradict the Law “On Lawyers and Advocacy” and the Regulation on the Rules of Conduct for Lawyers.

Javadov was invited to the Presidium, where he was warned not to go beyond the law. If the above actions continue, then more serious measures will be taken against him, the report said.

Javadov confirmed Turan challenging him to the college, but refrained from commenting.

It should be noted that Suleymanli spoke about torture by the police over the detainees on June 8 during a scandalous police special operation in the indicated residential area.

Suleimanli is the brother of Elvin Suleimanly, whom the police detained in the apartment and carried half-naked from the house, not allowing him to wear clothes.


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