[:en]Police Violence against Journalists on Feminist Rallies[:]

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[:en]During the suppression of the Sunday rally of feminists in Baku, the police once again used brute force against journalists.

Most of all injured was Isolde Agaeva from Meydan TV, who received a scratch on her throat from the police.

Aisel Umudova, another journalist from Meydan TV, was detained when she recorded the arrest of the protesters. The journalist was detained for several hours in the 39th Sabail Police Precinct, demanding that the recordings be deleted, but the girl did not succumb to pressure and, ultimately, she was released.

Toplum TV journalist Zarifa Novruz was hit on the arm, her mobile phone was taken and damaged, and her press card was torn.

Physical pressure was also exerted on Turan agency reporters Aziz Kerimov and Tatyana Kryuchkina, Fargana Novruzova (azadlıq.info), Nargiz Abdsalamova (Mikroskop Media), and Samir Ali (anews.az).

The police prevented the journalists from filming.

Some of the journalists suffered after the rally, when they were pushed away from the building of the 39th police station, where they were waiting for the release of the detained protesters. The journalists were forcibly taken to the subway and put on a train and escorted to the next station.


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