[:en]Authorities re-send opposition to the village of Lokbatan[:]

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[:en]The Baku Mayor’s Office again proposed that the opposition hold a rally scheduled for February 16 at the stadium of the Neftchi Sports Club in Lokbatan, 20 km away from the capital, reported  the head of the D18 movement, Ruslan Izzetli.

On February 11, on behalf of the Musavat and Republican Alternative parties and the D18 movement, as well as two independent candidates for city hall, a notice was sent to hold a rally on Sunday against a rigged election near the May 28 metro station.

The next day, the city hall refused. However, after a few hours the city hall changed its mind and offered to hold a rally in Lokbatan.

On February 13, the organizers repeatedly turned to the city hall about their intention to hold a rally in the city center. Today at 17:00, the organizers are summoned to the city police department.


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