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[:en]The Baku Court of Appeal dismissed the complaint of the activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Alizamin Salayev about an administrative arrest of 30 days. Along with this, the court refused to investigate the activist’s statement about torture.

Salayev was detained on January 13 after distributing a critical video about police officers in the Salyan region. He was arrested administratively for 30 days, accused of petty hooliganism and disobedience to the police. After the media published Salayev’s letters about torture of him by the police, he was visited by representatives of the Ombudsman and the activist was given a meeting with his family members.

Consideration of Salayev’s complaint took place on February 5. The court was chaired by Judge Mirzali Abbasov.

Salayev’s lawyer Javad Javadov petitioned for the summoning of members of the Popular Front Party Nijat Abdullazadeh and Jeyhun Novruzov as witnesses, because Salayev was with them during the detention.

According to Salayev, the police protocol and the decision of the trial court were falsified. “We were detained when we were having lunch in a cafe. However, the police protocol and court decision indicated that I allegedly violated public order in the street. The case against me was falsified,” Salayev said.

However, the court of appeals dismissed the lawyer’s request.

Then Salaev testified.

He spoke in detail about the torture and bullying he was subjected to by the police after the decision of the trial court.

According to Salayev, they tried to force him into the toilet in the 8th police precinct of the Sabail district police department and shoot it on video. When he refused to do this, they began to brutally beat him. The torture, according to the activist, continued in the Sabail district police department.

According to Salayev, during his stay in custody he was twice taken to medical facilities, and both times the doctors recommended that he be operated on because of a rupture of a hernia as a result of torture. However, the police did not allow this and demanded that the activist be provided only primary medical care.

Salayev stated that the real reason for his arrest was his political activity.

The court dismissed the complaint and refused to investigate the activist’s allegation of torture.

The Interior Ministry denied Salayev’s words about torture and falsification of the case against him. At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs denies the negative actions on the part of the Salyan police officer, whom Salayev accused of violations.

Over the past year, Salayev has been subjected to administrative arrest for the fourth time after critical publications on social networks and his participation in protests.


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