[:en]Ali Karimli sues the Ministry of Internal Affairs[:]

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[:en]The leader of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) Ali Kerimli sued the Ministry of Internal Affairs because of the refusal to issue him a passport for 14 years. The case will be considered in the Baku Administrative Court.

Karimli brought in the defendant the Department of Passports, Registration and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the third person – plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan to the European Court of Human Rights Chingiz Askerov.

Since 2006, Karimli cannot get a  passport under the pretext that in 1994 a criminal case was instituted against him, which has not yet been closed. Although after that he was twice elected as a deputy of the parliament, he repeatedly received a passport, including 2 times a diplomatic one.

In 2015, the ECHR found a violation in respect of Karimli, Article 2 of the 2nd Protocol of the European Convention (freedom of movement), and the government did not appeal to the Grand Chamber of the Strasbourg Court.

Karimli asks the administrative court to oblige the Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue him a passport. The case will  consider the judge Elvin Aliyev.


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