[:en]ECHR Finds Violation of Rights of Islamic Party’s Leader[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]The European Court of Human Rights on December 12 announced a decision on the complaint of the leader of the Islamic Party Movsum Samedov, convicted in Azerbaijan.

The Strasbourg court ruled that the arrest of Samedov in 2011 was accompanied by violations of the rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The ECHR ruled that the real reason for the arrest of Samedov was his speech in January 2011 at a party event, where he sharply criticized the authorities for banning the wearing of the hijab in schools and called on the population to protest.

First, Samedov was arrested administratively for “disobedience to the police.” Upon completion of the arrest, he was charged with terrorism, illegal possession of weapons, and an attempt to forcibly change the constitutional order.

Samedov was subjected to pre-trial detention without sufficient evidence of guilt.

The ECHR found that local courts violated Samedov’s rights to liberty and security of person and to a fair trial.

The Strasbourg court decided that compensation has to be paid to Samedov for a total of 4 thousand euros. Human rights activists recognize Samedov as a political prisoner.


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